About the Artist

Jean Moyer

Jean Moyer

Painting is happiness.

I was interested in painting before I actually started the process of learning how to handle paint and canvases and all the other parts of changing a white space into something interesting and pleasing. Over the years, I have been pulled into the world of landscapes, wonderful old buildings, and the scenic beauty around me.

I usually take photos of whatever interests me, and whatever I think would make a good painting. I then work in my studio enjoying the planning process and the moment when the paint brush and colors meet the untouched area and change it into my vision. Light and shadow are important ingredients.

When people see my painting, I’d like for them to enjoy what they see and feel a connection whether it is the color, or shape, or if they feel some long ago memory has been nudged. Maybe they just want it close by them to make them happy.

Jean B. Moyer, Artist

Luray VA